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The Smells Of Humidity And Problems With Mold That May Be Hidden Somewhere In Your Home

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The smells of humidity in your home could be just a minor problem with condensation and moisture, or they could be a more serious problem that you need to be aware of. You want to know if these odors are being caused by hazardous mold and water damage that is hidden in the walls, crawl space, or other areas of your home. The following troubleshooting information will help you locate possible mold problems so you can have testing done.

Plumbing Leaks and HVAC Condensation Problems That Cause Mold and Water Damage

There are a lot of mechanical problems that can be the source of water damage and mold growth. The most obvious problem is leaking plumbing that needs to be repaired. Sometimes, these leaks can be smaller and go unnoticed, which is when they cause mold growth. In addition, condensation on pipes and HVAC ducts can cause a serious problem with mold growth in your home that you will want to have tested before it gets worse and affects your family's health.

Roof Leaks and Flashing on Exterior Finishes That Cause Moisture and Mold Problems

Roof leaks and problems with flashing on the roof and exterior finish could be the cause of humid smells and mold growth. The problem is that these leaks are not always visible on ceilings and interior finishes. Sometimes, the exterior leaks are affecting the eaves or interior voids in walls and other areas of your home. Therefore, you want to inspect the roof and the other exterior finishes for rot, leaks, and other damage that could be a sign that there is mold growth inside your home that needs to be dealt with.

Crawl Spaces, Basements, and Foundations That Have Frequent Moisture and Water Problems

There are also a lot of things that can cause problems with the foundation of your home. These problems often start with failing waterproofing but can be due to issues with poor ventilation in a crawl space and condensation issues. Sometimes, problems with high water tables can cause water to seep up into the crawl space, where standing water begins to cause damage and mold growth.  In basement foundations, there could also be problems with the interior drainage system and damage to foundation walls.

These are some of the areas where humid smells could be a more serious problem with mold and water damage. If you think there may be a more serious problem in your home, contact a mold inspection service to identify the problems so you can begin taking action to repair the damage.