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3 Ways You Can Prevent Foundation Damage With Landscaping Drainage Improvements

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A lot of the damage to the foundation of your home may be caused by poor exterior drainage. Therefore, you may want to consider landscaping drainage improvements to protect your foundation and prevent costly foundation repairs. There are several options for exterior drainage improvements in your landscaping that will protect your foundation, such as drainage beds, buried drain tiles, and changes to elevations. Here are a few ways you can prevent foundation damage with landscaping drainage improvements:

1. Building Dry Drainage Beds Around the Perimeter of Your Home

Water that filters through soil near the foundation of your home can cause serious problems. Therefore, you want to keep as much as water as possible away. Building dry drainage beds around the foundation of your home will help with improving drainage and allowing water to drain through soils that are not directly touching the foundation. This can also be done with attractive gravel ground covering, which will mask the drainage system as attractive flower beds around the perimeter of your home.

2. Installing Drainage Lines for Improved Landscaping Drainage

Homes in low-lying areas and others with poor watershed design may need more extensive drainage systems to be installed. These permanent landscaping drainage systems are drain lines that are installed in your landscaping to improve watershed and keep excess water away from the foundation of your home where it can cause damage. These landscaping drainage tiles can be connected to other features like dry wells and basins where the water is collected and contained.

3. Making Changes to Landscaping Elevations to Improve Watershed

Another option you may want to consider to improve landscaping drainage is changing the elevations of the terrain around your home. Making changes to the elevation and landscaping can help allow watershed to drain safely away from the foundation so there is no puddling near your home. Other improvements like hardscaping using retaining walls or earth and berms can be used to create barriers to keep the water away from the foundation. In addition, you may want to keep water away from your foundation with the help of dry wells and drainage basins to give excess water a place to go.

With good landscaping drainage design, your foundation will have less stress due to rain runoff. When your foundation has been damaged, contact a foundation repair contractor to help with the repairs and drainage solutions for inside and outside of your home.