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Do-It-Yourself Fire Restoration: Why This Is Not A Good Idea

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After a fire, you want to pick up the pieces -- literally. Although you could probably do some of the work that damage contractors do, it is not advisable. There are several reasons why you should not do your own fire restoration on your own home.

The Whole Structure Is Unstable

It does not matter how stable remaining sections of your house appear to be. The sections still standing could have weakened floor boards, which when stepped upon give way under your weight and cause you to fall through to the floor below. This is incredibly dangerous, and the professionals have equipment to help safeguard themselves against these falls.

You Are Not a Plumber or an Electrician

Even if you are able to tear down the remnants of your home without life-threatening injuries, you are not an electrician or a plumber. Since you will need both to reconstruct these functional areas of your home, it just makes sense to hire a damage contractor from the beginning. The fire restoration expert:

  • Can do the electrical work and plumbing him/herself
  • Has an electrician or plumber working for the company
  • Knows and works with other electrical and plumbing contractors who can do the job once the fire damage restoration on the home is almost complete.

Fire and Water Damage Release Many Toxins

The fire that erupted in your home released many toxins into the house's environment. Just walking into it after the fire has been extinguished exposes you to lead, carbon monoxide, polyurethanes, cyanide, and so much more. If you stay too long in the wreckage and breathe these chemicals in, you will need a hospital before too long. Some of these chemicals do not even need to be inhaled. You can contaminate yourself through touching the residue and then accidentally touching a mucous membrane such as the eyes, nose or mouth. If you try to restore your home yourself, daily inhalation and contact could kill you. Leave it to the professionals who know how to handle themselves in toxic cleanups.

You Are Not Licensed to Perform Fire and Water Restoration

Water and fire damage restoration companies are fully licensed and heavily trained individuals. You are not, and if you were to attempt to restore your own home without a license, you could be fined. It is considered deconstruction and reconstruction work, both of which require state-issued licenses. As much as you may want something to do or want to help after you have lost so much, it is really a job best left to the professionals.